Red Hot Chili Peppers try to tackle ticket tout problem

This weekend saw quite a significant first in ticket sales for live music in the UK as the Red Hot Chili Peppers introduced ID restrictions for their November tour.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Adventures of Raindance Maggie artwork

Put simply, all fans buying tickets to the shows will have to bring the card they used to purchase the tickets with when they enter the venue and everyone who they bought tickets for will have to enter the venue with them at the same time.

This has one obvious advantage of effectively ruling out touting, which is something to be applauded, especially as it is not in the immediate interests of the promoters Kilimanjaro Live (a subsidiary of AEG).

However, as Dave Ball rather brilliantly explains in this extensive article, the potential downsides for fans are much more numerous.

One of the highly likely scenarios that could befall ticket holders is when one member of your group is delayed and you face the dilemma: go in without them and leave them in the cold, or wait and risk missing part of the set.

Despite the several drawbacks, the Chilis tickets have sold out in a matter of days, so it seems that fans have not been deterred. I very much doubt that this system will catch on, however.

A much simpler solution that I could suggest would be to have each individual’s name printed on each ticket (like they do for Glastonbury), so that people could arrive separately, but they would still need ID in order to gain entry, thus thwarting the touts.

There are still plenty of obvious drawbacks to this system, but the fact that Kilimanjaro Live and the Chilis have taken this first step, is very encouraging indeed.

Red Hot Chili Peppers will be touring the UK in November (see below for dates) in support of their new album I’m With You (due out August 30th), which will feature the single The Adventures of Raindance Maggie – Listen now.

Mon November 7th 2011 – The O2, London
Wed November 9th 2011 – The O2, London
Thu November 10th 2011 – The O2, London
Sat November 12th 2011 – SECC, Glasgow
Mon November 14th 2011 – Manchester Evening News Arena
Tue November 15th 2011 – Manchester Evening News Arena
Thu November 17th 2011 – Motorpoint Arena Sheffield
Sat November 19th 2011 – Birmingham NEC
Sun November 20th 2011 – Birmingham NEC

3 thoughts on “Red Hot Chili Peppers try to tackle ticket tout problem

  1. Printing names and photos on tickets is not the answer. I couldn’t go to Glastonbury this year, past the refund date, and with no way of selling the ticket on. Were it not for my employer paying me back for my un-used ticket I would have been £200 out of pocket.

    I haven’t yet heard of a decent solution to the touting problem. For me it must still allow me to a) sell them on (at face value) if I can’t make it or b) give them to a friend. If neither of these are possible, there must at least / instead be a sensible mechanism for getting a full refund. Any ideas?

    I guess even if you had a system in place for either transferring ownership or selling on at face value, you could never prevent the possibility that people would slip each other the difference behind the scenes.

    Just thinking about a limited solution for passing them on to friends, rather than being allowed to legitimately sell them on at face value… Could you prove prior acquaintence via social networking? Eg give people the option to log into the ticket site with your Facebook account, let them take a snapshot of your Facebook friends when you buy the ticket…only allow people to transfer them to people from that list? Probably easier with e-tickets too.

    I need sleep.

  2. The ‘proving prior acquaintance via social networking idea’ seems a little too convoluted if I’m honest, Adam.
    A refund system would be ideal from a fans’ point of view, but it isn’t in the interests of the organisers at all – they want the event to sell out and get the maximum amount of cash and aren’t concerned if tickets have to go to waste as a result.
    It really is a conundrum, but I think the Glasto system should be rolled out at Reading and Leeds. Although, with RnL tickets selling very slowly and going for less than face value on sites like Viagogo and Seatwave, it might not be necessary…

  3. Myself and my gf bought 4 tickets, 2 for me and her one night, and 2 for her brother and his mate (for Xmas present) the next night. Our tickets were bought on my card, and their’s on my gf’s card. Can u see the problem this has caused I wonder….?
    And how helpful do u think the ticket agent has been, in trying to get round this problem..? Not at all. I can see why they are thrying this, but in my situation it has completely ruined my gf’s brother’s Xmas present.

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