A Modern Day Vigilante

I salute you, Peter Drummond!

Police special operations salvage mission
Police special operations salvage mission

For all I know, you could be a horrible, violent person, but to have the guts to stand up to local drug dealers for the sake of your family is brave and respectable.

Not according to Perth Sheriff Court, who jailed him for two months yesterday. His crime? Breach of the peace.

Let me explain – after finding out that his brother-in-law was taking heroin, Drummond, 26, tracked down John Nellies, a local drug-dealer in Blairgowrie, Scotland, and flushed five bags of his heroin down the toilet, before threatening to kill him.

You only need to hear his testimony to realise that his actions were not borne of contempt for the law, and that his threat was probably a heat-of-the-moment remark:

My brother-in-law is on smack and he is getting it from the people there. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. I shouldn’t have done it, but these people are ruining my family by supplying heroin. It is causing a family crisis and everyone is going through hell. Things have been so bad that I lost it and decided to try to stop the drug-dealing going on. I know I have done wrong. I’m sorry. I know I went about things the wrong way, but things just got on top of me.

Those who have seen Trainspotting will not need to be reminded of how heroin abuse in Scotland can tear families apart. In 2007, 64% of the drug-related deaths in Scotland came as a result of heroin abuse and the Scotsman claims that it also leads to millions of pounds‘ worth of theft.

I would argue that Drummond’s intentions and his willingness to confess show that he was only trying to do what he thought he was right. This, coupled with recent reports that Scotland is home to “dangerously overcrowded” prisons, is surely an irrefutable case for a civil sentence or even just a fine. I can only hope Nellies gets a more fitting sentence.

As for recovering the lost evidence, perhaps the police should employ Mark Renton.