The great irony of the NUS Millbank protest

This may sound perverse, but watching the scenes of today’s tuition fees protest, with smashed windows, flaming flares and burning placards at Millbank, I wish I was there. It brings back the sheer exhiliration of the G20 protests last year and it’s great to see people getting on the streets and making sure their voice is heard.

Wish you were here?

The bottom line to it all is that the Lib Dems have betrayed students. A major campaign promise from the yellows was to scrap tuition fees, now the coalition Government is set to triple them.

The hypocrisy is blatant and we may see a generation of disillusioned students turn to Labour as a direct result. NUS president Aaron Porter is spot on to call for a recall law, which would let the electorate show the Lib Dems exactly what they think of them now.

However, many of the protesters seem to be getting caught up in the moment and are not thinking ahead. Last year at the G20 protests, the majority of the troublemakers were hooded and masked by bandanas. The number of bare faced students who have been caught on camera breaking windows today is truly surprising.

Forget the rising cost of a degree, if you come away from today with a criminal record, then that will do far more to hinder your future employment prospects.

2 thoughts on “The great irony of the NUS Millbank protest

  1. I think its great that students are once again bothering to bother. As for voting Labour I’m not sure.. it seems all the parties are fairly culpable for the rising fees, though admittedly the Lib Dems look the most daft (though I imagine they felt they had little choice).

    As for the troublemakers… I wonder if that is not somehow inevitable – students perhaps forgetting they were not in fact on a night out?

  2. How does anyone wish to be around criminals? I don’t and certainly do not see criminal acts to get what you want as the future. I sympathise that people wish to have a good higher education and preferably at a lower cost to themselves, but when people work one day of their working week to pay tax, they don’t wish to give it away to people who caused a ‘cost’ to the country today in damage and policing!

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