UK Aware 09: The great, the good and the green

This weekend saw the UK’s only green and ethical living expo come to the Kensington Olympia 2. What better opportunity to try out my new found multimedia skills? Please let me know what you think of my first attempt at video blogging.
(I categorically refuse to say vlogging. Ever.)

The atmosphere in the exhibition hall was buzzing. Around 100 stalls promoted ethical banking, fair-trade foods and clothes swapping, to name but three good causes. You could almost feel the self-satisfaction of punters and stall holders alike.

However, I was very disappointed to find out that the Tesla Roadster, the star attraction, was not on show. The organisers declined to name the motoring journalist responsible for its absence.

Later when I approached The Ecologist magazine, they were very cagey and refused to go on the record about the recent choice to go on-line only, although they did confirm that the new site will have a subscription area to ensure future revenue. Seems like some troubled and uncertain months lie ahead for this invaluable publication.

Overall, the event was exciting, inspiring and packed with innovation. Many thanks to Ed Franklin, James Lloyd and Ptolemy Elrington for their contributions. Please visit their sites and support their fantastic green products.

3 thoughts on “UK Aware 09: The great, the good and the green

  1. Looks like they had some cool stuff! I’d do anything to have a go on one of those Tesla cars…

    Those batteries seemed a bit rubbish though… 5 hour charge… i guess its because you cant draw very much current at all from a single USB port. Also i cant see the advantage of a USB charger in most situations, isnt that just annoying?

    The converse on the other hand… might have to try em out! Fed up with the shit quality on these ‘real’ converse.

  2. That was great Chris, there was some really interesting stuff – I want some of those batteries!

    Well done, looking forward to seeing the next one! x

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