It’s The Planes, Stupid!

We’re all in favour of saving the planet nowadays, just as long as it doesn’t get in the way of our lifestyle.

Beautiful, but unnatural
Beautiful, but unnatural

Recycling and Hybrid cars are all the rage, but who wants to give up flying? … anyone?
This is not a widely publicised way of cutting our carbon footprint, mainly because it’s so damn unpopular. Almost as unpopular as population capping. No-one wants to limit their horizons, we all want to see the world, but cutting back on short-haul flights is seen by many as the single most significant thing we can do to save the environment.
According to my tutor Bibi van der Zee, you could live in a mud hut, eating leaves for sustenance, and one flight a year would undermine all that good work. The melting polar-ice caps have led Bibi to contemplate giving up and accepting the inevitable demise of our fragile eco-system.
But one group that refuse to give up are Plane Stupid. This month they stepped up their protests by controversially breaking into Stansted Airport. Eight of the 49 protesters appeared in Harlow Magistrates’ Court today and, by a lucky co-incidence, I was there to see their case get passed on like a hot potato. The case will now go to Chelmsford Magistrates Court after the Harlow Magistrates refused to even deal with the simple criminal matter of trespassing. Clearly they were scared off by the estimated £2.5m in damages quoted by the Crown Prosecution Service.
Regardless of the outcome, you have to admire the audacity of Plane Stupid and their boldness to take action over what they believe in.
At this point, I feel obliged to play my hypocrite card and admit that I am flying to France next month. I love going snowboarding and don’t want to give it up. But, at the rate things are going I may have to start going further afield to find real snow…

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